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Be my Capain of the week Date: Aug 19th @ 2:15am EDT
You'll be that great captain of the week.

This week there's gonna be a great contest where you can be the number one. Become into the winner of the Denis Comic Team contest! Be the best tipper of the week and you can win wonderful prizes!

There's a lots of prizes and all the users can participate, throughout the week there will be surprises and mischief, but the top 3 will have the grand prize!!!

1st. 35 minutes in private, 3 photos and a big surprise
2nd. 20 minutes in private and 10 days in the fan club
3rd. 10 minutes private

If you wanna be part of this and be the winner you can come to visit my profile, because every hour during the contest the information will be updated and you will be able to see your ranking.

Don't miss the great opportunity to win all the prizes and be the great captain of the week.

Let's do it Denis Comic team!
my neighbor voyeurist Date: Apr 14th @ 5:22pm EDT
Crazy disco night Date: Apr 3rd @ 8:26pm EDT
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